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The Inglenook Project is an exploration area located near Ilford, in the Western Coalfields of NSW, between Lithgow and Mudgee.

Centennial holds three exploration licences in the Western Coalfields, collectively known as Inglenook.

The exploration project area is adjacent to the western rail line, enabling direct access to the Port Kembla coal terminal, with the opportunity to utilise existing infrastructure at either Airly or Charbon.

Inglenook has an estimated total coal resource of approximately 256 million tonnes. An exploration drilling programme is currently underway to ascertain the extent, quality and viability of the coal resource. Six drill holes have been completed out of a total twenty-eight drill sites.

In conjunction with the current exploration drilling programme, environmental and mining studies will be undertaken to determine the feasibility of a future mine.


Blasting Notifications

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Community Consultation

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Community Consultative Committee

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Community Complaints Register

The Inglenook Project Community Information Hotline is 1800 617 173. For further information about enquiries or complaints, please view our Contact Us page.

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Stakeholder Engagement Plan

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Development, Mining and Environment Approvals

The following document(s) relate to the mine’s operating and licence conditions.

Authorisations under the Mining Act

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Consents and Approvals under the EP and A Act

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Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC)

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Environmental Protection Licence

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