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Sustainability is integrated into our business model and incorporated in our vision, mission and values statement.

Centennial values its role in sustainable development and we manage all aspects of our activities to consider environmental, economic and social benefits. We are committed to our operations and to continual improvement in health, safety, environment and community engagement and performance.

Our ability to continuously improve our performance with respect to the key interacting sustainability drivers, whilst providing a return to our shareholder, Banpu, is the key to our long-term viability.

We view challenges and opportunities through the lens of sustainability, and strive to improve our performance as a long term energy provider.

As the supplier of approximately 30% of NSW’s energy coal requirements, Centennial has a major role in the provision of adequate, reliable and economical energy, critical for sustaining and further developing our society. We are committed to being a sustainable supplier of energy.


Our Approach to Sustainability

Our Approach to Sustainability 

Centennial’s 2019 Sustainability Report can be accessed here.


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