Angus Place Supporting Improved Local Health Care

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The Angus Place Charity Fund (fund) recently contributed $10,000 to the Lithgow Community Private Hospital (LCPH) to assist with the upgrade of their Information Technology (IT) systems.  The fund is supported by Angus Place Mine employees, with the objective of providing financial assistance to worthy local organisations and people of the greater Lithgow community.

The LCPH is being restructured from being primarily a private hospital with in-patients to providing support for a day procedure unit and a specialist medical centre open to the greater Lithgow community.  “This transformation is in line with a new strategic direction to accommodate the changing demographics of Lithgow and the changes our centre needed to make in order to adapt to the real needs of the community”, Bronwyn Boyling, LCPH CEO explained.

LCPH’s new vision incorporates moving the existing medical centre to the rooms that previously housed in-patients.  This will provide more room for a growing range of specialists, with the rooms fitted out specifically to accommodate their needs.  The support provided by the Angus Place Charity fund will enable each room to be equipped with the appropriate IT, necessary to attract more specialists to visit on a regular basis in the knowledge that they are able to provide an appropriate service from hospital facilities.

Representative and member of the Angus Place Charity Fund, Joe Smith, is a strong supporter of the centre and feels by expanding the range of services offered it will reduce the need for people to travel long distances for specialist care, while also attracting people to the community. “The health of each of us, our family and friends is of prime importance.  It is great to be part of this initiative and to be able to give something back to the community – which is so important to all of us”.