Australian Red Cross Blood Service

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Out of a population of 25 million, half a million Australians donate blood every year and 1 in 3 Australians will require blood at some point in their life.

Whole blood: Can save 3 people’s lives with a single whole blood donation, and donate as regularly as every 12 weeks. That means one donor can save 12 lives every year.

Plasma: Is a powerful part of blood. By donating plasma, it can unlock 18 life-saving products – from treatments for serious burns and cancer, to protections for people with brain or blood disorders. Plasma can be donated as often as every 2 weeks.

It only takes an hour to donate blood and there are many Centennial people who do so regularly.

Centennial’s Nerida Manley is involved in a local charity raising over $100,000 annually for children’s cancer. She says “The easiest way people can make a difference is through blood donation”.