Rylstone Primary visits Charbon

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Charbon Colliery recently welcomed 40 students from Rylstone Primary School to the Mine to learn more about the energy industry.

With the students ranging from kindergarten to second grade, Charbon’s, Greg Mundey, and Big Rim’s, David Preece, had quite a day answering the students’ numerous questions while touring Charbon’s washery and pit top.

“The students asked some very interesting questions that ranged from how we transport the coal off site, to the rehabilitation methods we will use once the mine closes. They were also keen to learn more about Charbon’s mining methods and our environmental activities,” said Greg.

While the students were keen to learn more about the industry, they were captivated by the large trucks and machinery which were seen in action from the tour bus.

“The students loved seeing the mining machinery in action and it was a great way to show them what goes on at Charbon as many of them have parents, grandparents or relatives who work at Charbon,” continued Greg.

 “I would like to say a big thank you to Mr Greg Mundey and the staff at Charbon for giving us the opportunity to see an industry in action. We will be following up this excursion with a trip to Wallerawang Power Station to see how coal is transformed into power. This will give the children a better understanding of how electricity is formed from start to finish,” concluded Rylstone Primary School’s, Mrs Balfoort.