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Angus Place West A New Proposed Project

Centennial has submitted a proposal to the Department of Planning Industry and Environment (DPIE) for a small underground, bord and pillar mine west of the Angus Place pit top.

The proposed Angus Place West (APW) project will produce up to 2 million tonnes per annum, for up 8 years and will be supported by a workforce of up to 200 employees.

It is proposed the APW project would commence operations as mining at Springvale winds down therefore, representing continuity of both employment and coal supply to Mount Piper Power Station (MPPS).

“The proposed APW project represents a flexible and more immediate coal supply option for MPPS”, Centennial’s spokesperson, Katie Brassil explained.

“APW will ensure both continuity of coal supply to MPPS and future employment opportunities for our workforce, while also delivering a low impact mining operation, using a bord and pillar first workings mining method.

“The proposed APW project will be prioritised by Centennial while the previously proposed Angus Place Mine Extension Project, or more colloquially named Angus Place East, will be relegated for consideration if required in the future for MPPS”, Katie concluded.

The APW scoping report submitted to DPIE today represents the beginning of the planning assessment process. Ongoing consultation with key stakeholders and the relevant technical studies will comprise the comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) which is anticipated to be lodged with DPIE by the middle of next year.