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Improving Energy Management

The Centennial Energy Management Platform was developed to maximise cost saving opportunities through better management of energy consumption and demand across our organisation.

After considering a range of existing energy management systems available internationally, we chose to partner with an Australian start-up company, SwitchDin, to scale up a residential-style system for industrial use.

SwitchDin allows energy companies to build and operate virtual power plants and microgrids using a mix of resource types and products.

The management platform developed for Centennial provides real-time data of our energy generation, consumption and demand across our mine sites.

The system allows us to see both total energy use and site-specific data to help us identify cost saving and energy generation opportunities within our network.
Our partnership with SwitchDin, a local company based in Newcastle NSW a suburb neighbouring our Lake Macquarie operations, has created business improvement opportunities while also enabling us to invest in start-ups and help build capacity within our local community.