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Myuna’s Crab Trap

After hearing of an industry incident where a worker had been sucked into a ventilation tube, Myuna’s Safety team decided to investigate and solve the problem. During the review an in depth look of injuries and near misses associated with vent tube installations was conducted, its finding indicted that improvement and innovation were required in this area.

In the initial review, the team identified several other risks associated with vent installation. These included being hit by the vent, a sprain when lifting, or potential for fibreglass splinters embedded in a worker’s skin.

A scope was developed by the Safety department which was, eliminate the potential to be sucked into the tube, whilst developing a safer way to install vent tubes.

From the beginning of the development process, Myuna collaborated with its workforce, its process improvement team, and the Health and Safety Department to help solve the problem.

Together they designed the End Cap Lifting device “Crab Trap.”

Not only does the “Crab Trap” safeguard workers from injury when encountering the suction end of the tube, but it also offers them better protection when installing them.

The “Crab Trap” has increased the health and safety outcomes for our Myuna workforce and demonstrated the value of collaboration with the people who operate the devices, throughout the design process to ensure ownership of the final product.

Interesting fact: Myuna worker’s call themselves the ‘Blue Swimmer Crabs’ after the crabs who live in Lake Macquarie. It’s why the device was named the “Crab Trap”!