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New shade for Bushfire Brigade

Training for firies in the Clarence Dargan Rural Bushfire Brigade will go ahead rain, hail or shine thanks to a significant grant from our Clarence mine operation.

Clarence has been a long-time supporter of the Brigade and their latest contribution paid for an awning large enough to provide an all-weather training space that fits both trucks and volunteers.

Deputy Captain of the Clarence/Dargan Brigade Kevin McCusker said the new outdoor space is perfect for training volunteers and it also doubles as a fantastic community space.

“In addition to our regular training days, we have been able to add a new training session once a month on Wednesday nights to accommodate our volunteers that have regular day jobs and can’t attend training during office hours.”

“We are also using the space for different community events and activities that really help to build community spirit in the town.

Clarence Manager Kyle Egan said the mine was happy to support such a valuable community service.

“We are very proud to be a long-time supporter of the Clarence Dargan Rural Bushfire Brigade. Over the years we have been able to provide support for new amenities and equipment, including their original building in 1984”.