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Safety Win For Myuna

Centennial’s Myuna mine in West Lake Macquarie has taken top honours in the safety excellence category at the state-wide NSW Minerals Council 2019 Health, Safety, Environment and Community Conference Awards.

The Myuna team were awarded for developing a new approach to overhead work to reduce shoulder injuries and subsequent delays in production. Myuna mine uses the herringbone mining system, part of which requires a mesh strap to be attached to the ceiling every 1.5 metres to hang ventilation tubes. The Myuna innovations team worked closely with underground mining staff to develop the ‘Monorail Bracket System’ that hangs down from the mine ceiling, eliminating the need for miners to install anything above their heads.

Myuna’s Health Training Safety Superintendent Mick Townsend said a key outcome is definitely our injury statistics.

“Shoulder injuries have reduced dramatically. Our employees are our greatest asset and we need to look after them.”

The new approach drastically lowered operating costs by around $500,000 a year, increased productivity and, most importantly, enhanced the health and safety of mine employees.

NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said the excellence and innovation recognised by these Awards are an important part of our industry’s determination to deliver better outcomes for our industry, our workforce, and our local communities.

“All our finalists were of a very high calibre, and on behalf of the NSW Minerals Council I congratulate them and all of our Award winners.”