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Celebrating Centennial safety and innovation – the Springvale Bolt

Centennial is committed to reducing workplace injuries across our operations and we work hard to develop initiatives and innovations that improve health and safety outcomes. 

 We recently collaborated with our Springvale employees and Megabolt Australia to design and manufacture a new version of the MB10TTX cable used for underground strata support. 

 The new ‘Springvale Bolt’ has the same performance capacity but produces far better health and safety outcomes. 

 The key improvements of the new bolt are: 

  • 10% lighter product which reduces lift and strain injuries.  
  • 40% more flexible strata support. This reduces steel memory making injuries and operational issues associated with stored energy, less likely. 
  • 17% larger grout tube. This helps with grouting outcomes and overall mine support design. 


In the 24 months before the new cable was introduced, 17 safety-related incidents had been reported. Since the Springvale Bolt has been in use, no safety-related incidents have been recorded.  

 While Springvale uses more cables per-meter-mined than other operations, the amount of cables being installed from continuous miners is increasing so weight and flexibility are important. 

The ‘Springvale Bolt’ was developed to improve safety and productivity at Springvale.  However, the improvements are transferable to the broader industry with the ‘Springvale Bolt, already being trialled at three other sites.