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In March the Department of Planning and Environment filed a Summons in the Land and Environment Court claiming Charbon Coal Pty Limited, a subsidiary of Centennial Coal, did not comply with a condition to which an approval was given.

More specifically that a Run of Mine (ROM) coal haul road was constructed in a location different to the location approved in the Project Approval.

Charbon Coal Pty Ltd acknowledges that the ROM coal haul road was constructed in a different location and that this discrepancy constitutes a non-compliance with the condition of the Project Approval. In the Land and Environment Court this morning, it entered a plea of guilty to the charged offence.

Charbon Coal Pty Ltd and Centennial Coal regret and apologise for the breach of the Project Approval condition.

Charbon Mine:

Charbon Colliery (Charbon) was an underground (bord and pillar) and open-cut coal mine located in the Western Coalfields of NSW and adjacent to Charbon village.  Coal is a finite resource and after over 90 years of mining Charbon has depleted its coal reserves and closed in 2015.

Charbon is progressing, with the appropriate state agencies, the plans required for mine closure and rehabilitation.

April 22, 2016

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